Saturday, November 20, 2004

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Revisiting Bush’s policy of pre-emption

Section: Perspective Date:Nov 17,2004Cyber Age/ ND Batra

The USA needs deeper engagement with the world through international economic aid, building up democratic institutions and strengthening weaker or failing states so that they don’t become havens for terrorists. It cannot depend

Bush unbound?

Section: Perspective Date:Nov 10,2004

The US presidential election ended gracefully and with clarity. It was a celebration of democracy. And if, as they say, the end is the beginning of something new, Bush’s second term could be more productive at home and less destructive abroad. But that wo

Outsourcing healthcare and other American problems

Section: Editorial Date:Nov 03,2004A few days ago

I shocked one of my colleagues when I showed him a Washington Post story how a 53-year old man Howard Staab, suffering from a life-threatening heart problem, could not afford $200,000 for heart surgery and instead went to New Delhi’s

America’s most (un)civil war

Section: Perspective Date:Oct 27,2004 by ND BATRA

The USA is a fierce democracy; non-violent may be, but brutal. Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry said the “W” in George W Bush’s name stands for wrong – wrong on war, wrong on peace, wrong on budget, wrong on social securit

Democracy’s work is never done

Section: Perspective Date:Oct 20,2004 by ND Batra

The continued insurgency in Iraq has unfortunately distracted our attention from some positive developments in Afghanistan. The election in Afghanistan held under the auspicious of the United Nations and international observers is the first sm

Seductions of cyberspace

Section: Perspective Date:Oct 13,2004

As the legend goes, on the Internet nobody knows whether a person is a dirty old man trying to seduce teenagers; a gender-swapping woman playing with big boys in a virtual MUD room; or a teenager posing as an expert. As a New Yorker cartoon by Peter Stein

cyber age: ND Batra: Who would do a better job in Iraq?

Section: Perspective Date:Oct 06,2004

The political war about war in Iraq has heated up to the point that other domestic issues including economy, jobs, social security, education and health care have been sidetracked. The daily flow of images of car bombs and suicide explosions in Baghdad, i

cyber age: ND Batra: Doing away with business patent methods

Section: Perspective Date:Sep 29,2004

Vivius, Inc., based in Minneapolis, is a most recent example of companies rushing to patent their unique methods of doing business, thus creating impenetrable walls to hide ideas that should be tested and debated in public. The company, according to Busin

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