Sunday, October 7, 2007

A supply-chain of knowledge?

Building a global supply-chain of knowledge

From The Statesman
The challenge for information technology guys from Bangalore, Silicon Valley, and other knowledge hubs is to create a system that is capable of aggregating and accessing available sources of knowledge and mining all modes of information, whether audio, video, pictorial, textual or in the form of a spreadsheet. The system should create a protocol, much like TCP/IP protocol, that transcends cultural, semantic and computer language/format barriers. And finally, as Gupta suggested, the IT system should be capable of customizing knowledge as per individual or group needs. For example, the IT system should be capable of automatically converting a report about Mynamar protests into various formats, such as newspaper, radio, television, and mobile devices such as cell phones to which editorial value could be added subsequently.
The world of collaborative knowledge seeking and innovation has just begun.

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