Saturday, February 25, 2006

China Rising

China Rising, truly

"Dreams that the country’s economic liberalization will someday lead to political reform remain distant. Indeed, if current trends continue, China’s political system is more likely to experience decay than democracy," says Minxin Pei, a China scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for Internatioanl Peace. Read more...

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  1. You find a "interesting" article that can make youself happy.

    You can deny Chinese progress in politics. but the fact is there. China is in progress in both economy and politics every day.

    Many people said the same words for more than 2 decades about CHina's politics. But the cCP is still strong and likely in the future. Don't forget, CCP has more than 70 million members who are elite of Chinese from every corner of the country, poor or rich, from uran area or rural area. They can pretty much stand for all CHinese.

    China’s political system is always pushing Chinese economy ahead. In the more than 50 years of CCP in China, CCP only made some mistakes in short times (1958-1960 and 1966-1970), other than that, Chinese economy is always growing fast. For example, India was much richer than China in 1949. But China caught India before the reform and today, China's GDP (2.26 trillion US$ ) is almost 3 times of India's (700billion US$). Even today, CHina's economy is still growing at much faster pace.

    Many Chinese complain about the corruptions. Because we had a almost corruption-free socialty before the reform. Chinese don't have as much tolerance to the corruption as Indians. From many researches from outside of China, China's gov is one of the good ones in the developing countries. India is more severe in the corruption than China even India is always say it has democracy.