Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What's a "killer app"

What is a killer application?

In a narrow literal sense the term “killer application” or "killer app” describes a software application that is so unique that it surpasses and even kills the competition. In a broader sense it means some method, technology, or an idea that creates something so attractive that everybody wants to embrace it. It becomes indispensable and its acceptance inevitable. Think about how the Chinese communist leader Deng Xiaoping redefined market capitalism to make it acceptable to the Chinese Communist Party and unleashed tremendous energies in China. The West Bengal Communist Party (India) could not do it. What a shame!


  1. Sorry Prof.Batra, there is no such thing as a West Bengal Communist Party [India]. What you probably mean is the Communist Party of India [Marxist] the ruling party of the state of West Bengal. It is a gerontocracy presided over by senile & sclerotic individuals. Not for them to embrace the winds of change and usher in market capitalism. It’s an irony of fate of coalition politics that they are also a part of the ruling coterie at New Delhi. Manmohon Singh, our Prime Minister and Prakash Karat, the secretary of C.P.I [M] make strange bedfellows indeed!

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